Let me introduce you to my sisters: there’s my animal and plant enthusiast sister with a heart of gold; there’s one who is too smart to get sucked into anything at all, but always lingers on the sidelines, ready to intervene on a moment’s notice; there are my artistic and spiritual geniuses, who understand the depth of life and intricacies of human relationships better than most scientists; there are sisters who astound me to no end with their strength and resilience; there are those sisters who are nothing short of speech magicians, oh! If only that magic would last! There are sisters who can carve hearts made of stone with their insightful altruism; there are those whose courage and determination are unmatched; there are sisters who despite their regimented lives, find meaning and joy in all the important things in life; there are sisters who bind together and forge forward because only unity with compassion can break the odds; there are those whose wits and savvy are only matched by their unflinching strength of character; there are sisters who thankfully are as resilient as they are smart; there are some of the most determined intellectuals I have ever met, who still manage to love beyond bounds; there are some who never cease to amaze me with their insight and thoughtfulness; and then there some, whose desire for meaningful connections informs everything they do, no matter how big or small.

These are the women I most admire, these are my dearest friends, these are the people I have been able to count on, and who have counted on me, at some point. These are the meaningful bonds that I have been fortunate to sew so far. These are the women I learned and continue to learn from. These are the examples I wish to share with you, so that you may reap the fruits of their wisdom. It’s great to have it, but it means so much more when you can share it!

In the coming months I hope to share with you some stories about my dear sisters. What makes them extraordinary people? Why do we have such a meaningful bond? How did, or does their experience impact me, and how can it help you?


I have been privileged to have befriended many extraordinary people, and I would like you to meet some of them, because there’s no reason why their impact on me shouldn’t positively impact others as well. I hope that you will feel inspired, as I continue to be, by these remarkable ladies.

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