Afghani Tea

Afghani tea is very light: nothing like North African tea! You can see through it, and it’s served unsweetened (also very much unlike North African tea).

img_20180316_163609602.jpgYou may choose loose green or black tea (about a teaspoon to half a tablespoon for a pot), and break a few cardomom pods (about half a dozen to ten per pot). Boil the water, and steep the tea and cardomom.

Serve  sugar separately (preferably in cubes); some people like to put a cube of sugar in their mouth and let it melt as they sip the hot tea. This is a custom in Iran as well.

As a delicious alternative, use milk instead of water, but instead of steeping the cardomom pods in the boiled milk, put them in the cold milk and heat them together. Add the tea leaves at the end.

img_20180316_164050918.jpgAfghani tea is always served fresh and really hot. Don’t let it sit for too long, as it will become bitter and strong.


Good Afghani tea should be weak: a sure sign that it’s fresh!

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