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Allow me to introduce you to an online shop where I have purchased many of my clothes in the last four years. It’s an amazing online shop, with a few actual retail spaces sprinkled across the world. They make very high quality clothing, using the choicest fabrics, the sizes are always right, service is impeccable, and they honestly have the most professional looking hijab clothes, in my opinion. Beyond all this wonderful stuff, they also stand by every piece of clothing’s ethical origin, their designers, seamsters/tresses, and all the way up the production of the final piece are fairly paid, and valued members of the company (check their About tab to learn more), they also care about the environment, so they avoid non-sustainable fabrics and means of production.

By hijab clothes I mean clothes that you don’t have to worry about tugging, peeping, bursting, or otherwise revealing what’s underneath. They wash easily in any standard washing machine and you can even throw them in the dryer, they might shrink a tiny bit the first time, but will get back their size by hanging or ironing (here I’m talking from personal experience). I still have the clothes I bought when I first discovered the store, and they still look great; you can wash them over and over, without compromising their integrity. So although you might find the prices a bit over what you’d pay for at your local clothing store, you’ll immediately notice the quality difference. Shukr clothes are made to last, so you don’t have to buy the same item over and over because of shrinkage, loose seams, etc..

If you are considering a minimalist wardrobe (of 30-40 pieces per season), this is the place to shop: their pieces coordinate with each other well, so you can do your minimalist one-stop shopping here! Below is an example of items that would work perfectly for the fall-winter season, in your minimalist wardrobe, knits would be a great addition.

I’ve purchased special occasion gowns, wide pants, long skirts, blouses, winter knits, hijabs, and activewear. They aren’t just long, they’re not figure fitting where they’re not supposed to be (unlike the long but hugging clothes you buy in regular stores) and hence also give you added freedom of movement and flexibility. Their style is classic with a twist. It’s original, without going over the top. If you like little details that make your clothes look extra special, but won’t compromise on quality stitching to get them, this company is for you!

Check out their Spring collection using the link provided, and you’ll simultaneously send some care my way! They deliver via DHL for free almost anywhere in the world for purchases over 150$, so you’ll get your clothes within days of ordering, and they include an extra bag for free returns and exchanges. Many countries also have free trade deals with the point of origin, so although you might have to pay taxes to receive the item, they will be immediately reimbursed.

Although this is a Muslim inspired line of clothing, you are sure to find something beautiful and elegant that you wouldn’t mind wearing even if you aren’t concerned about hijab. Check out their cardigans, tunics, knits, coats, and wide-leg pants! I’ve gotten many compliments by women of all faiths when wearing my Shukr clothing. The quality is above and beyond all chain stores I’ve shopped at, and I do mean all, and that’s saying a LOT! I buy a lot of clothes, for reasons I mentioned here Ramadan is coming, and I do recognize quality when I see it!

So check it out, and I hope you enjoy this new found treasure! If you will, please always go to it using my links, so I do get some credit for referring you! Until next time!

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