Moroccan Tea

img_20180328_100022015.jpgAll you need for good Moroccan tea is tshisha (loose green tea leaves) and mint. If you have fresh mint growing in your garden, gather a bunch, it’s super easy to grow, and it expands like weed, soon enough you’ll have to give it away to keep it under control! It’s a good idea to pick it all and dry it by end of fall/autumn, so you have some for the winter time, as it becomes dormant in the winter. It’s a good idea to pot it, to keep it under control. If mint isn’t in season where you are (it’s winter time here), get dry mint leaves. But don’t get the glass jars they sell in your local produce store, that usually has a pretty weak taste to it. If you’re lucky enough to have a middle eastern store near by, buy it from them, I don’t know why, but it’s always better at these shops!

IMG_20180328_094057718.jpgBoil your water, add a tablespoon of tea and a bunch of mint (yes, the whole bunch), or a heaping tablespoon of dry mint, let sit for a few minutes, add sugar to taste, and enjoy!

IMG_20180328_094730022.jpgMoroccan tea is good fresh, if you let it sit for too long (longer than half an hour) the mint and tea will become bitter, and you’ll have to compensate with more sugar.


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