Spring Chill

Spring is around the corner, even though it’s been making itself scarce, it’ll show up eventually… and I have just finished my Spring Chill Shrug, using the same stitch pattern I used for my winter wool poncho (Knit a beautiful, easy, quick shrug with your spare yarn).


This time I used thinner yarn, in a cotton blend with beautiful Spring colors, it requires size 5-5.5mm needles, but I used 7mm straight needles throughout. I used four balls of this yarn to complete the shall.


I cast on 39 stitches and worked them as follows: knit 2, yarn over, knit 2 together. You must have an odd number of stiches in a multiple of three in order to be able to maintain the same sequence at front and back. Otherwise you’ll have to adjust, according to what presents itself.


Cast off all your stitches by knitting 2 and knit 2 together (omit the yarn over).


Once I obtained the length I wanted, 110cm, I twisted the scarf once and sewed the ends together. This is the end result.