Value of Minimalism.

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Author: Sadaf Siddiqi

Over the growing years, one keeps on hearing that maximum surpasses minimum, and addition holds greater value than subtraction, atleast that is so in the case of marks and grades. Hearing it over and over again, it somehow gets registered in one’s mind. Unconsciously, the need to have more then gets accepted as something vital.

In today’s world, gluttony has become such a natural sign that its presence doesn’t surprise more than its mere absence. The human mind drives the urge for people to crave for more and more, to attain more of everything. People tend to give too much meaning to things, thus often forsaking health, relationships, growth, passions, and desires.

Based on personal choice and the style of living, there are basically two kinds of people- the minimalist and the maximalist based on two interesting theories- Maximalism, while being completely opposite to minimalism, is more about clutter…

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