One of my most cherished Ramadan memories.

Dear Sister

IMG_20180228_184255628Being of a mixed background, and having lived in so many diverse places, having worn many different hats, I sometimes struggle to pinpoint what is home to me. I can tell you that I most definitely felt at home every time I drove into Cape Breton, seeing all the lakes, the forests, but mostly the anticipation of meeting my tribe again. My soul rests and I feel a pull towards the culmination of the journey. I feel the exact same way when I pass the Gotthard pass, or drive by Lago Maggiore, because I know soon I’ll be among familiar sounds, smells, and sights, and if anything changed, I would feel comfortable and confident enough to explore the changes, because they too belong to me. I felt a smaller version of these emotions every time I walked into the Caterpillar Café; it was my safe place, where I’d meet other…

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