An Eid Tradition – Libyan Magrood (Semolina, Date & Honey Cookies) 

I am trying this today in preparation for Eid (it’s one of my kids’ favorite sweet) it works well, I might experiment with more keto friendly options for myself.

Sugar, Spice and Life

For as long as I can remember, my mother would make an assortment of Libyan sweets for the Eid holiday. Baklawa, gharayba (butter cookies), graynat (crescent shaped almond cookies), kaak (a crunchy cookie with a hint of salt), basboosa (semolina cake with honey) and magrood! However, magrood was extra special because they only time she would make it was at Eid. It is my absolute favorite dessert for 30+ years. I will pass up birthday cake, ice cream, and cheesecake for a single piece of magrood.


I think my love for magrood is wrapped up in nostalgia. There was never an Eid holiday without magrood in our house and making them became a ritual. My mother would prepare and shape the cookies; I would decorate them. This was usually a 1-2 hour process and we would sit across the kitchen table from each other, usually late at night, and chat…

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