Halal: more than skin deep

Rebloging just in time for you to take advantage of her 25% sale on her entire line before Eid.

Dear Sister

Being a huge fan of everything natural I was ecstatic to find someone with similar interests selling soaps at the Eid festival. Her story simply needed to be shared, so I interviewed her. The shortened version of the interview appeared in Sisters Magazine in August 2017, but here is the gist of our conversation, which I hope you will find inspiring.

When Caileigh converted to Islam she decided she wanted to provide a halal home to  her loved ones: from the food they eat, to the soaps they use on their bodies, to the intentions behind everything they do. From this grew a passion for making soap and other body products for her extended family and friends, who, in turn, encouraged her to expand her clientele and start a business. In the summer of 2015, Al Zaytoon Soap Shop (now Zaytoon Naturals) was founded in her two bedroom apartment.

Her family was always into natural products…

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