Contractions tearing through your body
Your womb is about to explode
Your temples dripping in cold sweat
Your time is here
In this moment, be here.
Feel the pain
Ushering a new life into this world…

Your mind will forget the pain.
Your heart will fill with love.

Your miraculous baby shrills
You can’t determine her needs
You doubt yourself
You seek help and can’t figure it out
In those moments, be here.
Quiet your mind
Let the world rush past you
Bond with your baby, speak a new language…
You’ll learn to understand
Just be with her.

Your mind will find solace.
Your heart will surrender.

Your toddler is unstoppable
he’s climbing up the drawers
nestling in them
emptying them
Everything you do is an endless cycle
Run, catch up, admonish, teach
Don’t run away from him
Don’t escape the craziness
In these moments that come rushing at every turn
Be here, let them come.
He is learning with you.
He will come around,
Be the constant
Be the pillar
Just be here for him.
Just be here with him.

Your mind will relish the joys.
Your heart will dance with them.

Your preschooler is asking a million questions an hour
You don’t know all the answers
You gave all the answers you knew
And she keeps asking
You question yourself
You wonder if you’re not being understood
You are
But now is repetition time,
and it will be repetition time for years to come
Continue to be here for her.

Your mind will delight in the inquisitiveness.
Your heart will rejoice in her growth.

Your tween is unsure if he should take a chance
Should he venture out
Should he stay close
He’ll be looking for your guidance
Without asking
Be here
To silently guide him
Wordlessly aiming at a higher goal
His life is ahead of him
Be here
For reassurance
For safety
For comfort
If you’re here, he’ll come to you.

Your mind will show you his colors.
Your heart will remember them and hold on to them.

Your teenager is mysterious
You question whether you took a wrong turn somewhere
You wonder if you should be doing more
You can’t decide if you should meddle
Or let her learn from her mistakes
Be here
Always close
Always closer
Be here
Because she’ll need you
Because she wants you here
Whether she says so or not
Just be here.

Your mind will welcome the challenge.
Your heart will learn to trust.

Your budding adult is changing before your eyes
He’s forging his own path
It may differ from yours
Be here
You’re his signpost
You’re his beacon
Be here
He’ll gage the world from your light
He’ll navigate life using your signals
He’ll live life based on your teachings
Not your words
Your lessons
So be here

Your mind will fill with amazement.
Your heart will overflow with pride.

Grandma, revise, and repeat.
This time you know.
The book has been written,
But it’s no longer yours.

Mom… Be.
Don’t be a mom.
Be. There. You. Mom, and everything else you are.

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