Why Fashion Matters

Rebloging with an extra link for how to determine which companies indulge in unethical manufacturing practices.

Dear Sister

At first glance, you might think that fashion is as superficial a topic as there ever was, and let me tell you from the get-go that I agree with you, to a certain point. I think we can all concur that there are deeper, more urgent, more important issues in life than worrying about clothes, nobody disputes that. Where I’d like you to divert a bit from this view, however, is by realizing that while considering the very basic fact that we all need to wear clothes, we each individually make very specific decisions, on a daily basis, of not only what to wear, but what to purchase, and where, and this is where it gets interesting. For whatever reason, we all choose to adorn our bodies, or shroud them, in billions of different ways, oftentimes not giving it more than a passing thought. What I would like you to…

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