Eid wreath

Ramadan is winding down, and Eid Al Fitr (the feast of fast breaking) is almost upon us. We were able to do almost everything we set out to do, so I am very pleased with that. Alhamdullah!


As we push ourselves to the finish line, we try to squeeze in as much good as we can, by giving to charities, praying more, reading more Qur’an, and more. By now the food isn’t as exciting, and we eat less, confident in our ability to get through the day with the calories and nutrients we can easily ingest.


Eid preparations have begun, our shopping was done before Eid, but we found that we had to go out and get a couple more things after all. My youngest is going to be giving a presentation on Eid instead of Ramadan (unlike the older siblings) because it’s easier and more memorable, for non-fasting people. Baking will begin in earnest tomorrow, as tonight is believed to be one of the last key nights of Ramadan, where prayer is most desirable. After this we can throw ourselves into full fledged Eid preparations. Mainly these consist of baking special sweets, setting up the Eid outfits, organizing for the Eid prayer and celebration (where will the community congregate? Where will the parties be held? Who will we spend our time with? Who will we meet? Etc.), and cleaning up.


Since I have made a Ramadan wreath this year, I decided to make an Eid wreath as well. I used materials I had found at my local thrift store many months ago, so I didn’t have to buy anything!

Here are the materials I used, pictured below, plus acrylic silver paint, acrylic paint markers (so handy!), and a gluegun.


Happy end of Ramadan and Happy Eid! May the coming year be a reflection of all the hard work accrued during this month, may all your good deeds be accepted and your not so good ones forgiven!

Until next time

One Sister

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