The Eye of the Storm

I just read a post by a dear fellow blogger, whom I’ve been following for a little while now, and it really resonated with me. She wrote about her mother in law’s conversion to Islam, and how they have such a special relationship despite the running preconception that in laws are meant to disagree. Because her mother in law had so much in common with me (despite coming from opposite sides of the globe), it was easy to see the reason why this story spoke to me as One Sister.


This blogger expressed her bewilderment at how her mother in law could have made it on her own with little or no support. I can’t speak for her, but in my experience, even when there’s a storm raging around you, with people attacking you from every side, if you look hard enough, you will always find someone who’ll stand by you, even if reluctantly, and in the off-chance even the remote helper is nowhere to be seen, you will find something within yourself to give you strength (as a Muslim I believe this is God helping us do the right thing, but you can call it whatever you want). It’s your conviction, your firm belief that you are being true to yourself, that you are holding on to an invisible rope that keeps you afloat in even the strongest of storms.


Truth is, that you don’t have to be a revert to experience this. You don’t even have to be in the eye of the storm to see it. It happens to all of us, in some form, and the only way I, you and everyone else who survives hardship, manage, is by being true to ourselves, by holding on to something bigger, better and stronger than anyone of us. This rope that keeps us united is available to all, if we are introspective enough to recognize it.


They say your true self comes from within, it is actively radiating outwardly from within you, rather than passively reacting to things outside of you. Your inner core is what keeps you stable, and although you may feel weaker on some days, and the quest to perfect balance is never-ending, it is indeed the number one predictor of whether or not you can weather the storm. Inner strength isn’t to be confused with inflexibility, on the contrary, flexibility is part and parcel of this concept, only one point (ie: your heart/soul/mind/ideal, whatever you wish to call it) is stable, like a pivot, or an anchor, around which you are able to navigate. Again, analogies only go so far, the rope doesn’t necessarily mean you are limited in your movements, the rope can be as long as the earth’s circumference if you wish, but as long as you have a point onto which to hold, you won’t get lost.


Good hearts have a propensity to gravitate towards each other, and the simplest kindness is worth more than the greatest of intentions, if you are true, you will radiate truth and authenticity, if you are false, you will keep spinning into self-destruction, until you anchor your eyes on that rope, that one true thing inside of you that will give you stability, comfort, and strength, no matter what the odds.

Thank you Ayeina for the inspiration!

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