Growing up

I walk into your room and feel your absence

I talk to your siblings and feel your absence

We sit to eat and feel your absence

Your absence is tugging at my heart like a kite on a windy day

I follow you in every way I can, not to loose sight of you

But you are always one step away

Whilst I admire your beauty, floating freely in the sky

Making everything else more beautiful by your presence

I miss holding you in my arms

I miss seeing every line of your iris

I miss hearing your voice undistorted by microphones

I spent every day of your life preparing you for this day

So you could join the world and be your best

But I failed to prepare myself

As every day I simultaneously wish for you to soar higher

Knowing you’re floating farther away from me

And I secretly long for the wind to calm down just a second

So I could hold you again