FFA: Friday’s Featured Artist: Tasmin Maz

Itsy Bitsy Canvas

Name: Tasmin Maz

Occupation: Consultant

Nationality: British

Hometown: London

Give us a little background about your relationship with art. When did you get into art? Why do you love art? How has art played an integral role in your life throughout the years and even today?

My interest in art stems from my Grandmother. From a very young age, whenever I would visit her, she would be waiting for me with her pot of colourful felt tip pens and a pad of paper, ready for us to draw together. We engaged in a lot of floral art and patterns which I enjoyed. I did GCSE Art for which I got grade A but I unfortunately did not pursue this further until over 10 years later when I took a career break from Investment Banking. I began sketching again as a hobby and just to relax, drawing Still Life portraits and…

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