Playing with my son

He is making noise with the kapla, I love the sound of wooden blocks, so I go and check what he’s building. I lie down next to his construction area (cuz what I really want to do is sleep, but this is too compelling to miss). What are you making? A door, you take these… so I start positioning them according to what I think a door should look like, and he moves them. Ok, this looks more like a house, but never mind. He then sees the cars and builds a ramp inside the door, that’s inside the house, and then a road that leads to the end of the carpet.

action architecture blurred background building
Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) on

He gives me 2 little cars and tells me they’re mine, and opens a little passage at the top of the construction, which now resembles a derby, or monster truck rally. I get the car in the arena, onto the slope, over the ramp and down to the end of the carpet. You win! He exclaims! Now the other one. So there goes car #2, You win! And then he builds a detour and his car goes down that way! I win! And 2 more cars. You win x2! Then another car, This is the last level, it’s the skeleton level (this jeep has a pirate flag on it), it’s the last level, the hardest. You win!

assorted animals figures
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Then Iron man flies over it and tells me this is all fire and ops! He falls in. He’s dead. I guess he saw Spidey lying around and figured he’d switch, so he grabs an elastic and attaches it with his fingers to Spidey’s hand and pretends he’s swinging on web slings. He moves the kapla around so that the construction is no longer recognizeable. He destroyed the fire. I say, like I finally caught on. No,mama, fire doesn’t get destroyed, he just moved it! It’s all there, it’s not and it is, and it’s so fantastically astonishing for me to see, every time!

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