Ode to a Blue Recliner

I claimed you

Old, tattered, torn…

missing pieces

the ones that used to matter

but you came from the one who owned you

the one who reclined on you for comfort

on those long chemo days

on those wretched post-surgery days

the only sure respite from it all

you… and his cat


I claimed you

not because I needed you

not because I liked you, but

because you were his,

and he is gone

you were his

on his happy days

on his calm days

you and his cat… snuggling

comforting him


You were there for him

so I needed to have you

I needed to sit where he sat

relax where he relaxed

dream where he dreamt

snuggle where he snuggled.


But now you too, are no more

you never loved me like you did him

you never relaxed me like you relaxed him


I was chasing a memory in your softness

but the memory remains

the memory persists

in my thoughts

in those images I keep

in my mind

of you, and him, and his cat

hugging like he used to hug me

closing his eyes to absorb your goodness

hoping he could remain

like this

just long enough

for it to seer in

to become a part of him

a part of me.


So goodbye to you

blue recliner

your memory has seered

into mine, for you

and I both

seered into him.

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