Adapting the wrong lines for your body


Last week I told you about going along with our natural lines, and not getting stuck with the three measurements of bust, waist and hips ratios. Here is a perfect example of vertical lines, wide, structured garments doing absolutely nothing for me. But I LOVED this coat’s concept, I loved the golden zipper details, I loved the fine wool, I loved the little Mandarin collar, I loved the length, and I frankly longed to have a nice long enough black jacket that I could dress up or down. It was perfect… As a concept. But look at how it did absolutely the opposite of what it was meant to do: I look frumpy, larger than I am, bony, and anything but put together! The potential was there, the price was phenomenal, the make was reputable, and the store owner someone I wanted to support. So I got it anyways. I had a vision of what this coat could do for me, and so I got pinning. Just look at the transformation with a few pins in the right spots at the small of the back, and on the sleeves! All it needs now is a couple of delicate buttons on the cuffs, and voila!

PS: Please excuse the dust and fingerprints on the mirrors, I didn’t notice them until I uploaded the images, and now I’m the thick of other things, and don’t have time to retake them. I’ll replace them eventually, but for now they do the trick.

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