2018 Roundup

Well here we are, the end of 2018. Another eventful year gone by! I’ve posted an average of about a blogpost every third day, and considering that I’ve slowed down a bit during my move a few months ago, I must say I’m delighted with this statistic. Hence the horn tooting.

Since this is a roundup of the year’s happenings, I’ll start off with the most relevant statistics, and then move onto my hopes for 2019, hope you’ll join in and share your own. The most popular post of 2018 was Selma’s Ramadan, with almost 10% of all views, followed closely by the pinned post titled Sisterhood. My interview with Amira and my short write-up about my Family Reunion, tie for third place. In fifth place, happens to be the longest of all my blog posts: Capsule Wardrobe, which spearheaded a series of related blogs, and paved my way into the fascinating world of fashion-writing.


Among my readers, Americans make up a good 25% of visitors, followed by Canadians. Britons are a close third. Libyans make up a sizeable portion of the readership, and Switzerland, Italy, the UAE, Australia, the Philippines, India, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia combined account for about the same number of views as the UK alone.

It is interesting to note that I’ve gotten views from nearly every corner of the world, from Norway to South Africa, from Portugal to Japan, from Sri Lanka to Russia, with several countries in-between, including Uzbekistan, Botswana, Thaiwan, and the Maldives, among about sixty others!


I’m so pleasantly surprised at the expanse of interest, which tells me that a lot of what is covered here is of universal interest. I interviewed a lot of very interesting women, and have learned a lot from a number of other women whom I’ve only met this year. I was interviewed by Muslimah Bloggers, and I have many more interviews lined up for my dear readers.

Given that the purpose of this blog is to bring a diversity of women’s voices to the foreground, to share and exchange world views and enrich each other’s lives with such insight, I couldn’t be more happy!

This gives me optimism going into 2019, and I hope that you’ll join me again on this journey of discovery with your own insights and suggestions as to how we can make this world more of a home for all. Together we can let our messages be clearer and more enduring.


In 2019 I am already working on several publications (fiction, essays, magazine articles, and poetry), as well as editing and an art exhibit of some of my paintings. I’m working on expanding my reach into my community through a variety of publications and outreach programs, as well as through my paid work. I hope I’ll get some time to start seriously writing a bit more academically oriented papers. And among all the brain exercises, I hope to find some time to knit, sew, and crochet a bit more, as I do find those exercises very relaxing and soothing. I plan on continuing my keto lifestyle, and now that my own family has gravitated farther away from carbs and sugars, I am even more encouraged to pursue my baking skills further.


I continue on my minimalist journey, downsizing and maintaining a tight focus on what adds value to my life and that of my loved ones, by deepening my connections with them and with The Creator. I hope to see my extended family and friends more often and for longer periods of time. I am planning on using my newly acquired camera (thanks sis!) a lot more, and hopefully continue to nurture my and my kids’ artistic abilities in a variety of ways.

I hope that we can make some inroads into some of the thorniest issues plaguing our planet, including conflicts, social disparities, and other uncomfortable issues of the day. I hope we can all get a bit more comfortable with being uncomfortable, to be able to better understand what it means for those who make it possible for us to know ease.

I invite you to comment below, visit my Facebook Page, or join me on Instagram, where I post more frequently than here, and if you like more “hands-on” communication. Or, if you like some distance, follow me @cafecaterpillah to get twitter news of all my new blogposts. That’s if you’re not already subscribed through WordPress!

On this note, I’d like you to visit some of my sister bloggers whose voices I think we can all benefit from.


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