Go Away

Pain, pain go away
I know you’ll come another day
Pain, pain go away
I’m done chasing you far away

I tried burying you
I tried screaming at you
I tried hitting you
I tried crying you out

But you always come back

They try drinking you away
They try cutting you out
They try suffocating you
They try popping you out
They even tried hating you

But you always return

As gleeful and eager as ever

Won’t you please go?
Please just go and never come back
I tried asking nicely
I begged you
Just go
You’re not wanted

I hid you
I hide you
Under layers of piousness
And layers of luxury
Under careful, neat wraps of duty
And layers of insecurity

And still, here you are

I muffled you
Under shouts of frustration
And anguished silence

You are the most resilient of foes

Just go
Nobody wants you here
So just leave
Go away

I think
I got you all wrong
You don’t want to stay
Maybe you’ll willingly leave
Once I give you the time of day

So have a seat
Make yourself comfortable
Linger a while
And tell me
I want to hear this
What is it you want from me?
What lesson are you trying to teach me?
Let me learn it,
and be on your merry way
Let me see
What kind of partnership you envision
So I can be done with you
Help me understand
What I need to do

To be rid of you
Once and for all.

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