Eid Wreath

This year we made another Eid wreath, just because I’ve been thinking of making this for months, and was waiting for Ramadan to get going. The kids rolled up their sleeves and did their own version, which I think came out quite nice. So here you’ll find two different wreaths made simultaneously, with a slightly different emphasis.

What you’ll need:

a few empty egg cartons

a glue gun

a circle of some sort (I used a cardboard template I had lying around, with three nested circles, but you can use wood, or anything else that you have around the house)

paint (we used acrylic, because we have plenty of it at home and I wanted to avoid having the carton show through water colors)

Eid Mubarak paper cake toppers (I had a few extras, but you can write or cut out your own if you prefer)

ribbons (I used a wide (5-6 cm) sheer pearly-white and slightly shimmery crepe ribbon for mine, and a silk burgundy regular width ribbon for the kids’ wreath). Keep in mind that the narrower the ribbon’s width, the more you’ll need in length to cover the circumference of the circle.

paint brushes

Thick decorative stock paper for the background


You can either cut or tear the egg carton’s individual cups. I cut some, and tore others. The larger three dozen egg trays lend themselves better to tearing than the regular dozen egg cartons, but I do like the serrated edge effect that you get from tearing.


Once you have at least three dozen cups ready, paint them in whatever colors you like, and let them dry. Also tear or cut out some flaps, divide them in two, and paint them, these will be rolled up for the inner portion of your roses.

While they dry, wrap your circle with the ribbon, and secure with glue. This part can be very messy, but more glue is better than not enough, because you don’t want it unravelling after you’ve secured the flowers to it.

Once dry, nest them with corners intercalated, so they look like petals. Secure with your hot glue. Roll up the flaps and insert them in the middle of the two nested cups.

You should have about a dozen roses now. Arrange them as you like onto the wrapped circle.

I added some silk leaves that I had left behind from last year’s Eid wreath project.

Let the glue set, and then cut a circle out of your stock paper to place at the back of the wreath to provide a clear background for your Eid wishes. Glue it to the back of the wreath, and then add your Eid wishes to the front, wherever you like.

You can either use some fishing string, or ribbons, or even twine to hang your wreath, just make sure it’s securely fastened to your wreath. I glued mine all along half of the wreath to maximize the surface area that the ribbon adheres to, so as to spread out the weight and make it less likely to fall under its own weight.

Hope you try to make this, and  if you do, make sure to tag me on IG, or comment below!




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