Walk inthe Shoes of a Refugee With Emy Battuta

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From my poem, "Remember Me" When a child weeps on stubborn ears when the last step falls on a fissured earth when the bombs cost less and less and the people too remember me remind me that I do not walk alone. We created this project in Zaatari camp in Jordan along with the streets of London. Refugees around the world walk 1 billion miles every year to reach safety. My people did and do each day and millions of others continue to do the same. Last year I walked 1000km for peace as a first step toward a different world, each day refugees around the world take millions of steps more. Join me and walk in solidarity. Take the #StepWithRefugees challenge and keep in mind each and every person who's marching for safety, for peace, for change and hope and freedom ❤️ my heart goes out to every mother and sister, every child every father every person who's fighting for their lives right now. More to come. #Walk #Refugees #WithRefugees #WorldRefugeeDay #poetsofinstagram #jordan #london @refugees

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