Keto Snack

This snack is an alternative to my usual Ketobombs, made with peanut butter and tahina. They were inspired by a Youtuber’s recipe for Raw keto vegan energy bars, which you can find by clicking on the title I just mentioned, you can skip to minute 2:25 to get right into the ingredients she used. I modified it because I didn’t have all the same ingredients, and I’m not a huge fan of cashews.


1/2 c almond flour (100 g)

4 Tbsp almond butter

8 Tbsp melted coconut oil

4 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

1 Tbsp Stevia or similar keto friendly sweetner

4 Tbsp sesame seeds (set aside)

1/2 c shredded dry coconut (set aside)

1 Tbsp dry lavender petals (set aside)


Mix to incorporate all ingredients, except the last three, well. It should take a minute or less. Once all well incorporated, mix in the seeds, and coconut. You can put seeds on one half and coconut mixed into the other half. Pour onto a parchment paper lined tray, preferably one with a lid, so you can close it to refrigerate it and conserve it.

Refrigerate for a couple of hours (or freeze for half an hour), cut into pieces (as big or small as you like). Note that it might crack a bit. The lavender, I find, adds an extra layer of flavor that offsets the strength of the cocoa, and I rather like it, but you can skip the lavender if you really like bitter chocolate in all its glory. You can, of course, use any nuts you like. Enjoy!

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