Refreshing, Respectful, Ethical, Sustainable: Beautiful!

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"But there may be a better way to respectfully use other cultures’ designs, and @oskarmetsavaht founder and creative director of the Brazilian sportswear label @osklen, is leading the pack. Osklen’s spring 2016 collection was inspired by the designs of the Asháninka, an indigenous people who live in the Brazilian and Peruvian rainforest. In return for permission to adapt their tattoos and traditional fabrics, Osklen paid the tribe. With that money, the Asháninka have been able to make various improvements, including building a school. . Metsavaht is also working to publicize the Asháninka’s fight against illegal loggers and environmental degradation of their native forest. . If this completism seems remarkable, it is, but it is also totally in character for Metsavaht, one of the first designers in the world to produce sustainable fashion." . Read the full story on @huffpost -> link in bio. . #bestpractices #culturalfashion #givecredit #giveback #osklen #amazon #indigenous #indigenouspeople #oskarmetsavaht #sustainablefashion #ethicalfashion

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