Shukr Sizing

25% Black Friday week! Click on the links below, according to your region to take advantage of the sale. By using these affiliate links I get a small commission on your purchase (it doesn’t cost you a penny and I won’t know who you are or what you purchased). Use coupon SAVE25. I have no other affiliations. I purchase Shukr almost exclusively for myself, as I trust the quality, the ethical treatment of workers, most of the materials are sustainable, and their customer service/returns policy is practically unparalleled. I don’t just recommend it because I get a commission, I chose to become an affiliated spokesperson because I believe in the brand. So you can have fun shopping, guilt free! Shukr walhamdulillah!

Dear Sister

You may have noticed that Shukr is having a sale again. 25% already discounted clothing, even on their sale corner items! Check out their Instagram for codes on the Black Friday sale, and free shipping on orders of 50$+! If you spend 100$ or more shipping is free for Canada even without the code, and you’ll get your duty back if you’re in a country that has a trade deal with Jordan.

I’ve had a few people come up to me, noticing that I almost exclusively wear Shukr clothing; they ask me about sizing.

All sizing is listed on the Shukr website, and it’s quite accurate. Many women, having had negative experiences with other online shops, go with two sizes bigger, just to make sure they won’t be small. Well, let me tell you, like I told them, that you don’t need to worry about that with Shukr. Their…

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