Identity: an exercise in flexibility

Identity is problematic because it’s a story; depending on who tells it, you get a different version. It is heard, believed, or questioned, whether it’s completely fictional, or based on a handful of observable facts, people internalize it according to their own personal perspective. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Identity is extremely unstable, unreliable, and yet we relentlessly pursue its purification, its crystallization, … Continue reading Identity: an exercise in flexibility


I don’t like to talk about myself. Some people find comfort in knowing who your people are (where you were born, who’s your family, where you study/work, where you live), but I find it all distracts from what is really essential, which is who you are as a person. I don’t care much for labels, they take away from how you feel you live your … Continue reading Linda


What would I want you to know about me? I’m an emotional person, sometimes my emotions bother me, and it shows, so whatever I’m going through, those around me go through it as well. I’m compassionate, I cry easily. I think this is good, but not always. It sometimes interferes, especially when I love someone very much and I know they’re suffering, it hurts me … Continue reading Iman