Tania me l’aveva detto, con tutta l’aria di saggia che aveva sempre avuto. Aveva solo un anno in piu di me, ma era cosi sveglia, cosi piu matura di me. “Ma guarda che anche se scappi in Canada, ti porti dietro te stessa! Da te non puoi scappare mai!” Ma chi le faceva pensare che stessi scappando da me stessa? E per che motivo avrei … Continue reading Home


As I mentioned in my guest-post linked here, I am often looking for ways to get my kids engaged in their spiritual lives, by means of collaborative crafts, active communication, mutual cooperation, sharing, and respect. As they often work on artistic expressions of the various celebrations that occur throughout the year among the various communities represented at their schools, I find myself constantly challenged to … Continue reading Bookmarks

Advent Calendar (Gratitude in Ramadan)

Background Inspiration and Purpose As promised, I am going to share with you how I made our Ramadan calendar this year. The inspiration came from three main sources: 1) my childhood Christmas advent calendar; 2) Pinterest ideas on gratitude jars, Ramadan calendars, and prayer booklets; 3) my desire to mark this month in a tangible yet meaningful way that would be relevant to the spirit … Continue reading Advent Calendar (Gratitude in Ramadan)

Babel isn’t a mess, it just looks like one

Infinite possibilities, or almost. Seemingly endless possibilities. Chaotic? Random… Inexplicable! But it isn’t (Jorge Luis Borges) There’s order in this madness (Oscar Wilde) A pattern, perhaps My order, my pattern, my possibility may not be yours, but it exists Sharing the possibility of its existence is hope My sense and yours may differ Being alive means you must continue to try to make sense (Samuel … Continue reading Babel isn’t a mess, it just looks like one

Ramadan: it’s personal

I’ve posted about how to prepare for Ramadan in general. I included tried and tested advice that I’ve accumulated through experience, research, and consultations (in Preparing for Ramadan). This time, I’m going to go deeper into what I really want to do in my own Ramadan. It’s more personal, but you might relate to some of it. Like I’ve mentioned before (in Ramadan is coming), … Continue reading Ramadan: it’s personal

My favorite quotes

“Millionaires disguised as missionaries to the poor. […] All of which impose transparency on everyone except themselves. Creating a mass consumption society of consumer goods by giving workers affordable access to credit. By disbursing “affordable” loans of tens of millions of dollars to working people, they turned into people permanently in debt, running to catch up with their lifestyles.” (Arundhati Roy, Capitalism: A Ghost Story, … Continue reading My favorite quotes

Stop writing books like they were scripts!

Lately I’ve read a few too many books that felt as though the author had a blockbuster movie in mind as they were writing: the stereotypical tropes, the unrealistic plot twists, the convenient distant connection that reappears at the end to save a character in free fall. If I wanted to watch a braindead movie, I’d watch it, not read a book about it! I … Continue reading Stop writing books like they were scripts!