Simone and I first met in grade five, when her family moved to Ticino from Geneve. We immediately hit it off, and remained tight friends until she moved to another city after Jr. High School. She studied tourism and worked for Cross Air until its dissolution into Swiss, and then in a Tourist Information Center until she became a mom. Wanting to be completely engaged … Continue reading Simone

Chai Masala

Indian tea, as I mentioned before (Chai), is called Chai, if you add spices to it (making it what we commonly call Chai) it becomes Chai Masala (literally spiced tea). Here I use this term to differentiate it from the water-based Chai for which I gave you the recipe linked above. In today’s tea recipe, I am combining Afghani Chai with Chai Masala, as the … Continue reading Chai Masala

Moroccan mint tea with rose petals

  I recently came across Twinings’ Moroccan Mint with Rose flavour green tea I rather enjoyed it. The fragrance was sumptuous, but the flavor, although pleasant, not quite as delightful as the scent. I am guessing it’s because of the extra flavors, so I decided to make it myself, with natural ingredients and no extras. The result? Well, I can see why they added flavors: … Continue reading Moroccan mint tea with rose petals

Make your own Chai (Tea)

First off, let me get something off my chest, Chai means Tea, so saying Chai Tea is quite redundant. Why not just call it Chai? I’m pretty sure everyone knows what you mean. Chai is a spicy delicious combination of spices and tea leaves. I must admit that most store-bought and streamlined coffee-shop versions of Chai aren’t to my liking. It’s the black tea… I … Continue reading Make your own Chai (Tea)