Raising Conscientious Kids

There are a lot of concerns when you are raising kids, at any time, but our time, is especially challenging because we have ever fragmenting communities. They say it takes a village to raise a child, well the village has changed, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing! We are all a small piece in this ever widening puzzle of humanity, and the picture is … Continue reading Raising Conscientious Kids


English summary follows Di me: sono una donna felicemente sposata, ho un figlio di vent’anni del quale sono molto orgogliosa. Mi reputo molto fortunata per ciò che ho, ma sono anche consapevole di aver avuto la mia dose di difficoltà nella vita sia personale che professionale. I miei sogni: fin da piccola volevo una famiglia ed un lavoro che mi piacesse. Li ho ottenuti entrambi. … Continue reading Cinzia


What would I want you to know about me? I’m an emotional person, sometimes my emotions bother me, and it shows, so whatever I’m going through, those around me go through it as well. I’m compassionate, I cry easily. I think this is good, but not always. It sometimes interferes, especially when I love someone very much and I know they’re suffering, it hurts me … Continue reading Iman


My Name is Noeme, and I’m a big family woman.  I have four kids – three boys, and a girl with special needs, I have a husband, two rabbits, two roosters and two hens, who just laid two eggs, which will hopefully produce two chicks. I live with all of them plus my mom, two sisters, my niece, and my younger brother in Mindanao, … Continue reading Noeme

A heartfelt thought

A country’s rebirth, it’s hopeful, painful, exciting and scary all at once and for Libya it’s been all  this and so much more, intermittently, for a few years already. We started this concept of a Cafe for moms and children with this newness in mind, hoping to provide a service where we found a gap that desperately needed to be filled. But reality is so … Continue reading A heartfelt thought