Eid wreath

Quick but beautiful Eid wreath.

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To My Sister In Faith

We used to bump into each other in the elevators of our University’s Arts building as we often used the top floor to perform prayers. When I moved to a more central location to be closer to campus, I started bumping into you in my building, and the superintendent rightfully thought he should introduce us,…

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Contractions tearing through your body Your womb is about to explode Your temples dripping in cold sweat Your time is here Be In this moment, be here. Feel the pain Ushering a new life into this world… Your mind will forget the pain. Your heart will fill with love. Your miraculous baby shrills You can’t…

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Why Fashion Matters

At first glance, you might think that fashion is as superficial a topic as there ever was, and let me tell you from the get-go that I agree with you, to a certain point. I think we can all concur that there are deeper, more urgent, more important issues in life than worrying about clothes,…

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Halal: more than skin deep

Originally posted on Dear Sister:
Being a huge fan of everything natural I was ecstatic to find someone with similar interests selling soaps at the Eid festival. Her story simply needed to be shared, so I interviewed her. The shortened version of the interview appeared in Sisters Magazine in August 2017, but here is the gist of our…

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An Eid Tradition – Libyan Magrood (Semolina, Date & Honey Cookies) 

Originally posted on Sugar, Spice and Life:
For as long as I can remember, my mother would make an assortment of Libyan sweets for the Eid holiday. Baklawa, gharayba (butter cookies), graynat (crescent shaped almond cookies), kaak (a crunchy cookie with a hint of salt), basboosa (semolina cake with honey) and magrood! However, magrood was…

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I was asked a while back to write a post about one of the traditional dishes of Switzerland: birchermuesli. It’s taken me a while, but finally, here it is. Birchermuesli is a very simple, yet nutritious dish that is very often eaten as a light yet complete meal (either for breakfast, lunch, or supper), especially…

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