Here’s to a More Meaningful Journey

If you follow my blogs, you know that I’m preparing for Ramadan, as I explained here. As part of this preparation, I’ve been re-evaluating many aspects of my life. Here’s the low-down. I’ve gone through my wardrobe (including shoes and accessories), the basement (where I still had boxes I hadn’t unpacked since we moved five months ago), I’ve emptied my desk of beads, sorted out … Continue reading Here’s to a More Meaningful Journey

The lines of my life

Smile, laughter, grief, and sun lines are carved into my every expression. We’re betraying each other as we speak. Pain and joy have left their marks, signaling the map of my life. That’s the truth they holler, while I try to drown out their noise with my own voice. I’m aging. My face admits it. My hands concur. My brain sluggishly accepts their verdict. Silence. … Continue reading The lines of my life

Meandering noise

Noise. Noise in my brain. I want to do everything, but can’t concentrate on any single thing. My head hurts. Nowhere to overflow. Pressure. Noisy pressure. Confusing misdirection seems the adequate description. Everything going somewhere, but nowhere specific, chaotically meandering with unknown destinations. No end goal is visible. No transition… or is it all transition? Transit to where? Noisy, confusing, meandering pressure in perpetual transit. Continue reading Meandering noise


Moms with their dogs, preschoolers with their treasures, Babies sleeping, Grandmas patiently waiting… No conversation. Competition everywhere: Muted, loud, ongoing… I forfeit the race. No real interest: Apples and oranges. Wise people don’t bother; It’s all behind them, probably thankful their daughters don’t have to enlist. This is good. This is fine. Everything will be fine. Continue reading Schoolyard

Stop writing books like they were scripts!

Lately I’ve read a few too many books that felt as though the author had a blockbuster movie in mind as they were writing: the stereotypical tropes, the unrealistic plot twists, the convenient distant connection that reappears at the end to save a character in free fall. If I wanted to watch a braindead movie, I’d watch it, not read a book about it! I … Continue reading Stop writing books like they were scripts!