Love Interrupted

You love but something blocks you an invisible barrier holds you from reaching to me   You hurt but you won’t tear down that wall   Your love is insecure unstable interrupted   constantly deeply consistently interrupted   Pain You are pain’s embodiment sheltering a fearful love. Continue reading Love Interrupted


I will share with you a couple of thoughts that have been running through my mind a lot lately: one has to do with the need for minorities (class, racial, religious, etc.) to stick together, and the other with the need for us to listen to each other. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said we should help our brothers and sisters whether they do good or bad, … Continue reading Solidarity

Babel isn’t a mess, it just looks like one

Infinite possibilities, or almost. Seemingly endless possibilities. Chaotic? Random… Inexplicable! But it isn’t (Jorge Luis Borges) There’s order in this madness (Oscar Wilde) A pattern, perhaps My order, my pattern, my possibility may not be yours, but it exists Sharing the possibility of its existence is hope My sense and yours may differ Being alive means you must continue to try to make sense (Samuel … Continue reading Babel isn’t a mess, it just looks like one